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Iím speaking about the one true and unfaultable word of God. ďThe Holy BibleĒ
A book that has been profound at culture changes, wars, peace, pronounced many miracles, healings, deliverances, and much wisdom. A book that has proven Science, as it was written first many years prior to the Scientists today proven the Word is true.
Those Scientist for the most part we call Creationist. They are the optimistic side of Science. They proof the living word by using Science for just that reason. Here are some resources on the subject:

And in some cultures today you have those who have much access to the Holy Bible with the Freedoms in that country much like America to Read and do what the word says to do, to spend time with God in His word eating the Spiritual Bread that our Spirit man needs and craves to be strong, yet in that same culture such as Americans on some people as I donít want to say every single American does this, Is NOT taking advantage of the word that sits right in front of us. Instead the Bible collects dust, The Bible app on the I phone is Not read that much compared to time spent on Social media sites. And it seems it has become a fast food society even in the word. Just skimming through looking for something quick to fill up and move on. Yes, And as an American, I have been guilty of doing such that.

When I eat too much Fast Food, I get heavy and large. I get tired and lazy starts to creep in. Then, Comes the stage and season of going back to healthy eating and exercise to lose all that access weight that have been built up because of wanting to go easy and fast to move on to the next project.
I remember, the good old days when my Mom would cook and we really barely went to any fast food. Mainly it wasnít in my town where I grew up and we had money used for other things. But, it was nice. We not only ate healthier, but we grew as a family by eating together at the dinner table. Today, my family and I do just that. We eat together. We catch up on our day as we get to know each other little better to strengthen our bond. Itís also like that with spending time with God in His Word.

I know God is speaking today reminding each of us of what we can do, be, experience, overcome, partake in just by getting into His word. You might be one that doesnít like to read much, Then I encourage you to try out several things such as: Listen to the Bible on bible app or Bible CD for just by listening as the scripture says: Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. ~
Another Thing to jump start yourself is read in Psalms. As that has several small chapters. Read it out loud. You could begin to memorize the word to help build your faith and desire to be active in the word again by Writing down some Bible verses and memorize about 1 once a week, or if you have a hard time doing that, then memorize a new scripture once a month. All of this is great ideas to help active you in reading more of the Word of God. To also show yourself approved. As you never know when your going to need to know that word of God to minister to other people.
Iím sure some of you reading this Blog are from other countries that have much less freedoms than Americans do especially Believers, and yet Love the word, some of you may not have much access to it.

For that, I do pray for you. And I desire your hunger for the word says: Those who Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness will be filled. I believe with what little you have in the Word or Freedoms. God can multiply that to you in your life.~ For He can make known to you those things which seem hidden.
I just donít write about things that I havenít experienced myself, and I have done both on being active in the Word and barely at all. I have noticed that my senses are heightened and My Spiritual walk strong when I get more in the word. The Atmosphere in the house Shifts and the Presence of God is more known in my house because the Bible is being dusted off the Shelve or coffee table.

Remember that God speaks to us in His Word. Not just through people. But His word will NOT pass away. It will always remain.
And an added side note that I have found has been a blessing, is praying in the Word of God. Taking whatís in the Bible and praying those scriptures, reminding God of His word, to which God sets out to perform His word, As Well as His Holy Angels who are activated by the Word of God.
I pray that this post as encouraged you to get active again in the word. To read it, speak it, believe it and use it. Then you will see Miracles happen.

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-Kingdom Artist Jennifer Page