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Doing a New Thing

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Doing a New Thing

"Doing a new Thing"

Some of you reading this maybe wondering Why I've started adding New works Not Familiar with what you know me to do such as Biblical Art, Prophetic Art, And Christian only Art.

Yet, Most of you haven't been able to see my full galleries as these are works that have been built up since 2006'. I still have a lot more to post as Soon I will post all of my illustrated poetry. It takes time to post work with all the descriptions and tags info.

However, I am expanding and Doing a NEW Thing. I'm lead by God to Expand my Wings in New Art Forms for reasons as such like some people groups who are just wanting a Scenic or abstract and when they buy that piece they want to feel comfortable with that piece of work. Not Just for the pleasure of viewing the Art piece, But to feel something good from it.

I have a Friend who is a Professional Designer. She stated that she has had clients buy Art pieces that looked good on the outside, but after they bought it and put it up on the wall, they began to get nightmares or feel uneasy in their home or office.

You see what most people don't understand that the art you buy or make carries a spiritual presence. Even if the Artist is NOT spiritual in nature, the Artist has worked their emotions in that piece of work. And If the Artist Was in a dark place in their life while creating the piece of Art, It can come out in that piece, even if it was just a simple Scenic view of Art piece.

So when you buy Art, consider the source from which the Artist believes, or practices.

For such reason, I have expanded to paint works such as Abstracts, Scenicís, and more beyond just biblical to which I will still add to my gallery collection. I'm providing a safe place for buyers that when they buy my Art piece, what presence will come from that piece of work are Peace, Joy, Love, and a feeling of security.

Doing a New Thing~
Be mindful of what you Buy.

The Art Piece Posted for this blog post is" Abstract Springtime Dance" Made with Digital tools.

{The "Fine art America" watermark in all my art posted for sale on bottom right corner is for Internet display only to discourage theft. It will NOT be printed on the product}

Kingdom Artist,
Jennifer Page